Usborne Books Party!

Many of you will have heard of a Tupperware Party or even an Avon or Mary Kay party, but did you know you could have a Book Party too?   Usborne Books distributor Elly has been invited by Moms-in-Vaud member Suzanne to do a Kids’ Books party in Nyon.

Usborne Books cover every single topic you can imagine: cooking, history, dinosaurs, language learning, sticker books, jigsaws, baby books, phonics, parental guides, fiction etc., etc., etc.  And they are loved by parents and kids alike.  AND, their books are available in English but also in other languages.

Finding non-French books, and actually flipping through the pages to check that you like what you see, is hard in Switzerland.   Amazon’s “preview” function only goes so far (note: books in the MiV Amazon bookshop have been vetted by other parents), so if you are interested in finding out more about Usborne books, flipping through a few samples, looking at the catalogue, and maybe even ordering one or two for future presents – this Usborne Books Party is for you!

So save the date now, and RSVP by replying to the invite sent out through our MiV Yahoo!Group!

WHEN: 10 October 2012 from 20:00
Chez Suzanne in Nyon

The event may be catered or it may be potluck (i.e. bring some nibbles or a bottle of wine), it depends on numbers!   Sign up now so that preparations can get underway!

BookBlog – Usborne Books the Children's Publisher of the Year! 1

Most of the mothers and fathers on the Moms-in-Vaud Social Network have likely heard of Usborne and many likely own at least one Usborne Book.  It’s no wonder, Usborne is an independent, award-winning UK publishing company that publishes English books for children of all ages.  And this year it’s been named Children’s Publisher of the Year.

All Usborne books are of a very high quality and are extremely attractive both to readers and children. They are put together using the knowledge of child development experts as well as the real-life experience of parents.   There is something for everyone: for the early years there are touchy-feely, look and say, first picture books and noisy books, for toddlers and preschoolers there are also sticker books and first stories, flip-flap books & nursery rhymes & poems.   And as the kids get bigger you can graduate to board games, flash cards and jigsaw books.   There are also books for children that are just beginning to read, which lead them through a whole programme to instill confident reading.   And that’s not all, there’s also non-fiction, including encyclopedias, general knowledge books & dictionaries, arts and crafts books and cookery books.  There are even internet-linked books which lead the reader to even more relevant information on the subject they are learning about.

The list is endless! Whatever kind of book you may be looking for; for a child or young person Usborne without a doubt has it.

Is English your child’s second (or third!) language?   No problem, Usborne also boasts the English Learners’ Editions, books especially designed for children learning English as a second or foreign language.

If all this talk on these amazing books leaves you wanting more information there are several options available to parents in Western Switzerland.

  1. Browse one of the catalogues and through a selection of titles, then contact Elly Fisher, a local reseller, with the details & she will place the order & deliver the books.
  2. Hold a book party. Invite your friends around to your house and you can spend a few hours together selecting some lovely books for your own children or as presents. (There are even incentives for an individual who does decide to hold a book party especially if it’s before the end of June).
  3. Invite Elly to a pre-organised coffee morning, play-date, or other event.  She will happily come along with some books & catalogues and she can discuss the different ranges on offer and match them up according to your children’s book needs.

Sound good?   Want more info?  Want to buy a book or host a book party?   Want Elly to come out to an MiV event?  Then please contact Elly Fisher on