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LanguageBlog: Lots of news at Abrakadabra!

ABRAKADABRA – THE Language school for children in Gland opened its doors in January this year. Once per week, children come together and enter a mysterious place where only a new, foreign language is spoken. For the children, it’s an exciting adventure, which the team of ABRAKADABRA methodically develops with songs, rhymes, pictures, stories, activities, and games.

ABRAKADABRA also places emphasis on helping non-French-speaking families learn French.   Held on a weekly basis, several different classes are currently being proposed AND for kids of all ages.

  • On Thursday morning, the so-called “ABRAKADABRA-Minis“, for children between 1 and 3 years of age, meet from 10:10 – 11:10 accompanied by a parent or a carer (nanny, au pair, etc.).  Several different activities are proposed by the French teacher and each week she focusses on a new topic (for example: action verbs, farm animals, etc). The purpose of the MINIS class is that both the children and their parents or carers acquire a playful feeling for this new language.
  • On Wednesday, ABRAKADABRA offers two classes for kids from 4 to 6 years old.  One takes place in the morning from 8:50 onwards, the second one in the afternoon from 15:00.  Before signing up, children may participate in one free trial class.
  • On Friday morning from 10:00 to 11:00 it’s “Moms & Kids Time”: while the kids between 2 and 4 meet their French teacher, the mothers meet up next door for their “French adult conversation class”.  In a colour­ful, bright location each mother grabs a cup of coffee or tea, and as simply as that, speaks French, French, and MORE French.    Every week there is a new top­ic to discuss, and of course, Abrakadabra’s teachers are also open to suggestions!  The teach­er sup­port­s parents using their spe­cif­ic teach­ing tech­niques, cor­rect­s when need­ed, and giv­es learners a lot of new ideas on how bet­ter com­mu­ni­cate their thoughts.  As always, a free trial is available before committing.

With so many Moms-in-Vaud members sending their kids to public school, English classes are in more-and-more demand and from September 2012, ABRAKADABRA has started to propose English classes to native English speakers!  Currently, two classes are being proposed and they both take place on a Wednesday (pre-school and grade 1).   Abrakadabra is also considering opening new classes on Tuesday afternoons.  Details about these classes can be found on the Abrakadabra Website.

To support our students with learning English, Abrakadabra will also be hosting a daytime USBORNE BOOK party on Saturday, 06 October 2012 from 10:00 – 12:00.  During this event, Abrakadabra’s students, as well as their parents will have the opportunity to flip through samples of great English books. From baby books to biology, first reading to fabulous fiction – young readers, and those who will soon become one, will adore the USBORNE collection.

During the Usborne-Party, the ABRAKADABRA-team will be available should parents have any questions regarding their language classes.   Participants will also have the opportunity to sign up for a free trial class.

So there are two good reasons to head out to Abrakadabra on Saturday, 6 October in Gland, rue du Borgeadu (close to the COOP)!

Cannot make it out to Abrakadabra on Saturday? Moms-in-Vaud is hosting a Ladies Night Usborne Book Party later that week.

Usborne Books Party!

Many of you will have heard of a Tupperware Party or even an Avon or Mary Kay party, but did you know you could have a Book Party too?   Usborne Books distributor Elly has been invited by Moms-in-Vaud member Suzanne to do a Kids’ Books party in Nyon.

Usborne Books cover every single topic you can imagine: cooking, history, dinosaurs, language learning, sticker books, jigsaws, baby books, phonics, parental guides, fiction etc., etc., etc.  And they are loved by parents and kids alike.  AND, their books are available in English but also in other languages.

Finding non-French books, and actually flipping through the pages to check that you like what you see, is hard in Switzerland.   Amazon’s “preview” function only goes so far (note: books in the MiV Amazon bookshop have been vetted by other parents), so if you are interested in finding out more about Usborne books, flipping through a few samples, looking at the catalogue, and maybe even ordering one or two for future presents – this Usborne Books Party is for you!

So save the date now, and RSVP by replying to the invite sent out through our MiV Yahoo!Group!

WHEN: 10 October 2012 from 20:00
Chez Suzanne in Nyon

The event may be catered or it may be potluck (i.e. bring some nibbles or a bottle of wine), it depends on numbers!   Sign up now so that preparations can get underway!