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IWCN Charity Bazaar

As mentioned on this blog earlier this fall the IWCN is holding it’s 12th Biennial Charity Bazaar in a few weeks time.  They’ve just come out with a press release, which I am posting below with permission:

12th Biennial Charity Bazaar of the
International Women’s Club of Nyon (IWCN)
25th IWCN Anniversary 1987-2012

Saturday, 10 November 2012
Salle Communale, Place de Perdtemps, Nyon, 10:00-16:00

This event is very popular with the people of Nyon and the regional international community. All proceeds are given to worthwhile charitable organizations, mainly concerned with helping women and children, both in Nyon and abroad.

There will be a large variety of stalls offering quality goods, including a brocante, sports items, toys, books, international and Swiss items, cup-cakes, original Christmas ideas and homemade produce. There will be tombola and raffles, as well as a ‘Bistro’ with fresh, homemade food at lunchtime.

The IWCN is a non-profit-making organization established for English-speaking women residing in Nyon and the surrounding region. Its purpose is to promote friendly contacts among women of all nationalities through multiple activities and to help facilitate the integration of newcomers.

The Club, entirely managed by volunteers, has grown over the past 25 years to reach nearly 600 members of 35 nationalities and offers over 50 regular activities both to newcomers and to those who have lived in the region for many years.

We invite you to come along with friends and family to see for yourself!

Free entry
Thanking you in advance for your support and aid in promoting this important charity event
For further information, please contact:
Mme Lynda Watts, President IWCN – president@iwcn.ch
Mme Suzanne Bruning, Bazaar Chair – ssbruning@bluewin.ch

Photoblog: Tips and Tricks for Taking better Photos of your Kids 8

Capturing beautiful and heart-melting photos of your kids is truly one of ‘the’ joys of motherhood! So I thought I would pass along a few simple tricks to help you better capture the beautiful details that make your kids unique and wonderful. These simple techniques will make a big difference in the kind of photos you are able to take!

1. Simplify
You know the books “Where is Charlie/Where’s Waldo/Where’s Wally” where you have to find Charlie/Waldo/Wally who is hidden in a very cluttered image? Well this is the opposite. When you are taking photos of your kids, you want them to be the star subject of the photograph. One way to showcase them is by eliminating or reducing distracting backgrounds so that the focus truly lies on your child. Watch out for any poles, trees, buildings, cars, people, etc. that might clutter up your background (or even worse, stick out from behind their heads!). So for instance, when your son is at home playing with his legos and you want to capture that special moment, you might have a choice of angles. Choose the one with a more simple background, such as a blank wall or tidy bed versus a cluttered carpet. When you are outside at the playground and want to take a photo of your daughter playing in the sand, find an angle with a simpler background, such as the grass, as opposed to the busy swing set where lots of kids are playing.

Simple Grass Background

2. Come in closer
This was one of the easiest ways for me to improve the portraits I took of my kids when I started out on my photography journey! Just come in closer and fill in the frame with your child. This will put the focus on them and will help you to capture their beautiful eyes, wonderful facial expressions, their cute ice-cream covered faces, etc, etc. Such as simple thing, but oh so effective!

3. Use your camera’s settings
Even the simplest digital cameras these days offer some specialized automatic settings, such as the sports mode, landscape mode, portrait mode and a few others. They are usually represented by little icons such as a stick figure running for the sports setting, a flower for the macro setting, a head for the portrait setting, etc. Choosing those settings will make a huge difference and you don’t need any special knowledge, as your camera will do the work for you.

So, if your child is running, choosing the sports mode will help eliminate the blur and give you a nice crisp image.


To take a portrait of your child when he or she is not moving around too much, select the portrait mode. This will produce photos of your child in focus, with a slightly blurred background, which will really highlight your little one.

If you want to take a close-up of your baby’s eyes, toes, mouth or any other details you are in love with, put it in the macro mode, which helps your camera focus on those details. If you are using flash and you have a flash mode, change your camera to that setting. And if you are taking photos at night, use the night-time mode.

I could go on and on about photographing children, but if you start with these three things you will already see a big improvement in the kinds of photos you take of your kids!

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Michelle Petersen

This PhotoBlog contributed by Michelle Petersen, MiV member, mompreneur, professional photographer.

More about Michelle Petersen: Although Michelle had a long-standing interest in photography, it was the combination of having children and her husband giving her a new camera for Christmas one year that turned her interest into a passion, and eventually turned her passion into a family portraiture business. You can see more of her photos at:  www.michellepetersenphotography.com