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MiV Raffle Draw Wednesday 25 July 2012

This blog post contributed by Rebecca, from the MiV Volunteer Events Committee

Tomorrow is the drawing for the raffle! It is with pleasure that I announce that so far, we have had some success selling tickets (our way to raise funds for MiV)…. but I know there are many of you who would like to support the organization that supports you so NOW IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! There are a few announcements regarding the raffle:

  1. We have added an AWESOME fourth prize! I saw one of these on a friend of mine’s FB page not long ago and it.looked.awesome! Presented and donated by www.auntie-jos.com we are pleased to add a Swim Fin and a Swim Fin bag as the fourth raffle prize! If you don’t know about this product already….you have to take a look! It is going to change the way that we teach our little ones to swim!
  2. I have had a few questions about where the money is going. Here’s the deal: hosting a website is expensive. Maybe in your home country it costs very little…but here in Switzerland, and especially with an extensive message board and data base it is several hundred francs a year. Currently that is being paid for out of pocket by the founder of the site and it would be awfully kind of us to help her out with that.  Additionally, we are adding more and more events. These events often have a bit of a charge to rent space, secure a bar, a few bottles of wine to umm….’get the party started’ and munchies too! Currently these costs are being absorbed by the volunteers and hostesses who plan the events. Wouldn’t be awfully nice of us to help with some of those costs? We aren’t looking to make thousands of francs! Just enough to cover the costs of the site and a few odds and ends here and there. Normally, these things would be considered administrative costs covered by membership fees – which MiV doesn’t have so we asking each of you to pitch in and do you part!
  3. Finally….we have a few negative nellies out there who ‘don’t want the prizes’ Really? You don’t want hundreds of francs worth of free stuff?  Well….that’s just crazy talk. We tailored these baskets to have a little something for everybody. Maybe you don’t have direct use for each item in each basket…. but surely you can stash something away for a birthday or holiday present for someone else?  It’s really about supporting and fundraising for the MiV network anyway. The prizes are a super bonus!
If you want to get your hands on a ticket, contact Rebecca or Chelsea, buy a ticket on paypal using the “Buy Now” function (on the right >> only available until noon Wednesday, 25 July 2012) and we will get you taken care of!
Have a super day!

This blog post contributed by Rebecca, from the MiV Volunteer Events Committee

Momblog: Fundraiser for MiV

In order to support the daily operations of MiV so its members (and in turn the wider community) can all continue to benefit, three dedicated MiV users (Rebecca, Chelsea and Jennifer) asked local businesses and MiV sponsors to donate their goods and services towards a FUNDRAISER for Moms-in-Vaud:  A RAFFLE! Or as is known in Suisse romande, UNE TOMBOLA!

So, now’s your chance to partake in the fundraiser!  Buy a Raffle Ticket and in so doing BE ENTERED TO WIN one of three sets of PRIZES!

The prizes are divided into three packages and include: a private yoga lesson from GatherYoga, a cooking class from Safran Cuisine, fitness classes from SHEzone, cakes from Patachou,  beauty treatments from U-Rang-A-Tan,  Cranial Sacral therapy treatments from Arthur H Smith BCST, bio baby & toddler food from Goodness Gracious, three Children’s Usborne Books from Elly, two 2011-12 Know-it-All Passport Guidebooks from MiV, Forever Living Aloe Vera products from Jessica, gift certificates or cash vouchers from Playball, ConfettiBox, Canadian Native Products, and the Little Green House and much much more!
The cost for a Raffle Ticket is 20chf for 1 or 55chf for 3 and here’s how you can get your hands on one or more:

1. Purchase an e-Ticket online using your PayPal account.
(a) Go to www.moms-in-vaud.com/blog and scroll down to the “Buy Now” link in the right side bar (under the advertising logos).  Click on how many tickets you’d like to purchase and proceed! Be sure to include your full name and email address in the “notes” section so we know where to send your e-Tickets.
(b) Go to the Support Us Page and click on “Buy Now” link under the Fundraising & Raffle Tickets Header.  Click on how many tickets you’d like to purchase and proceed! Be sure to include your full name and email address in the “notes” section so we know where to send your e-Tickets.


2. Have a ticket delivered to you.
Email chelsea_heuer@yahoo.com to arrange to have one of the MiV Social Committee members deliver you a paper ticket.


3. Buy a ticket from the U-Rang-A-Tan Salon in Gland
Head out to the U-Rang-A-Tan Salon on Route de Cité-Ouest 2 in Gland and buy your paper ticket(s) in cash


4. Buy a ticket from Michelle if you see her out and about in Nyon and surrounds!
If you see Michelle, she has paper tickets with her and can sell one to you anytime you see her.

Don’t delay!  Buy your raffle ticket today!