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La Cote this Week 25

Here comes the sun!  This week promises to be sunny (and hot early in the week), so what’s on this week to enjoy the outdoors?

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Pools & Beaches Opening 2013

It’s May, the sun is shining, your school-aged child (5-10) has come home with Pico l’eau et moi documentation, it must soon be pool season!    And, it *is*.    May is the month where outdoor pools across Switzerland begin to open.

In the Nyon area, the Piscine de Colovray will open on Wednesday, 8 May 2013, the Piscine du Parc in Morges and the Piscine de Versoix will both open Saturday, 11 May 2013.  The Piscine Municipale d’Aubonne and the Centre Nautique in Divonne will open the week after.

Many indoor pools close for the summer season, so if you are a regular winter swimmer, it may be time to switch over to the outdoor options!


For more information about the pools and beaches in the area, the following websites will give you ample information: