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EventBlog: Feu et Lumiere

feuetlumierepompiersThis weekend, Suisse romande celebrates the Journees du patrimoine and the Fire & Rescue Department of Nyon (CRDIS) will hold an open house, “Fire & Light” (feu et lumiere) it its honour.

The many diverse roles and responsibilities of firefighters will be presented by a group of 110 volunteer firefighters.  The different trucks and vehicles, equipment, cameras will also be on display.    There will also be a large firefight where a large fire will be put out by the volunteers, to the oohs and ahhs of the crowds.   You may also be able to put out a small fire yourself, with the help of a small fire-extinguisher.

This day promises to be a great one for young and old alike.   Head out to the fire station (caserne) on Saturday, 7 September 2013 from 9:00-16:00, route de Champ-Colin 4, Nyon.    Food & Drink stands on site.


Firefighting interests you?   Why not become a volunteer!   The Fire Department is recruiting!

If you speak French, are at least 18 years old, are in good health, and can be available at short notice to help fight fires..  and if you’d love the experience, the solidarity & the networking, this is for you!  Or your grown kids! Information Session on Thursday, 7 November 2013 at 19:00 in Nyon.

Open House – Cabinet de Sante Gland

Avenue de Verney 28, Gland

The Cabinet de Sante in Gland, home of Valerie Devaud (droguiste ES, spagyrie, phytothérapie), Sandrine Brémond (massage relaxant & sportif, réflexologie), Katia Puzone (nutrition, minéraux, bougies auriculaires), and Marianne met den Ancxt (Sage femme indépendante, Thérapie manuelle) will be holding an open house at their premises on Sunday, 3 June 2012 from 10:00-15:00.