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What’s on in August

August2013CalendarPaleo is in full swing, which means there less than a week left to the month of July and thus only a month left before la rentree.   Still LOTS of time to enjoy the summer and the many activities and events that happen across the region.

For the month of August, here’s what’s “ON” in the La Cote & Geneva regions for parents and kids (and parents without kids!):

For more events in the area, check out the Know-it-All Passport Website or Living in Nyon Blog or visit the Office de Tourisme du Canton de Vaud.

There are also APPS.   Nyon Region Tourisme has an iPhone APP.

EventBlog: Fireworks!

firworksdivonneSunday, 14 July 2013 marked the official start to fireworks season with celebrations across France for their National Day.   The coming weekend, FEU D’ARTIFICE, start up again, in anticipation of Switzerland’s National Day, 01 August 2013.  Most larger towns in the La Cote area will hold their fireworks along the lake, just check your town’s website to see which day (anytime between 27 July & 01 August 2013).

Unrelated to national celebrations, Paleo Music Festival’s closing fireworks will be on Sunday, 28 July 2013.  The largest fireworks display in the area are in Geneva on Saturday, 10 August 2013, as part of the Fetes de Geneve.