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We’re so glad you’re inquiring and thank you for your interest in supporting expatparent.ch

This platform supports English-speaking parents living between Geneva and Lausanne (La Côte, Vaud) as well as those in the Pays de Gex in France.  It has been online as an e-Group since April of 2009 and launched its dedicated website in the Spring of 2011, with a Blog and a Facebook presence shortly thereafter.  In  2013 we added e-newsletters, pinterest and twitter accounts.

There are now close to 1,000 parents, most of them mothers — the purchasing power in families — who are supported by expatparent.   Our platforms enable these mothers and fathers to better enjoy their time in Switzerland, to better integrate, settle and adapt, and consequently be better parents, partners, employees.

Would you like to support this valuable resource and enable the website to continue?  Are you a business or entrepreneur based in the La Côte area that would like to become a sponsor to enable the website and blog to continue?  Do you serve expatriates or families and can someone from our group recommend your services/product?  If yes, the options for you for 2015 are:


  • One-time or monthly donation by Paypal

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  • 25CHF per month and/or prize donation (depending upon value and author of blog)
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