Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Resources

If you are looking for specific professionals in the area of pregnancy & childbirth, and based in Western Switzerland, the following list of links & blogs may be helpful.   It is by no means a comprehensive listing.  Please also note that inclusion of an individual, organization or association below does not grant a personal endorsement by the page or its owner. The links provided below are for information only.   Parents are advised to do their own personal research and find a provider they are comfortable with and that they can communicate with in their journeys in becoming parents.

Childbirth Courses

Independent Midwives, Midwifery Clinics & Birth Houses/Centres

Other birth professionals and practices


Breastfeeding Professionals & Support Groups

Postpartum Support


Parenting Twins & Multiples


Magazines & Newsletters

Adoption Links

Bereavement Links

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