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club9Activate your Access to our e-groups

From September 2014, thanks to volunteer moderators/admins (we need more!), our two online forums will once again be free of charge. Parents who fill out the Membership Application Form below and share their details will have access to both a Yahoo!Group & Facebook group and will be added to a mailing list (e-newsletter).

E-Group Application Form

I hereby apply for access to the online fora.
I understand that it is my responsibility to become familiar with and abide by its Terms & Conditions

If you’d like to donate to offset costs, note that your donation helps fund:

  • Running costs (rent, insurance, utilities, postage, tea, coffee, etc.) for events we host
  • Running costs for workshops, special events, and activities hosted by others
  • Running costs for administration & moderation of e-groups and blog
  • Library purchases and administration
  • Community outreach and charitable giving
  • This website so that anyone can find us or contact us at any time, and be met with a friendly, knowledgeable professional ready to welcome them to the community and introduce them to a wonderful group of parents willing to share resources, provide referrals & support, answer questions, and help with integration into life in Switzerland