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club9About Online Support & Parents Forums

In early 2009, I founded a group which enabled parent-to-parent information-sharing & peer-support.  It started with face-to-face playgroups and email conversations, which quickly grew so a Yahoo!Group called “Moms-in-Vaud” was opened.  With the Yahoo!Group 15 mothers became 45, then 150, then 300, then 500 and more.  I responded to every single inquiry and with the help of other dedicated volunteers had a hand in organising most events.

By 2010, several additional platforms were created to support the growing community, including a blog and facebook page.  In 2013, a facebook group was added as were two e-newsletters.  As were Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  At the end of 2012, Moms-in-Vaud was a victim of its own success: it was no longer possible for one person alone to keep it going so it was closed as a free service.

As of 2016, there is now a facebook group to help parents settle, ask questions and receive support from other parents.  Many other mothers and fathers have also taken on the role as administrators of various facebook groups.  Just google! If you need a group, it may just very well exist!