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Intersoccer – Spring Saturdays

Spring is here, so it’s time to think about getting outdoors.  Staying physically active is good for both parents and children, and is part of an active, healthy, lifestyle.  Whether you are just playing outside in the garden or at a park or taking part in organised activities, showing your kids the importance of sport is one thing that you can do to raise a happy, healthy, child.

Here in Switzerland, we have a lot of options.   Casual hikes through vineyards or mountain trails; a swim in the lake or pool; activities with the commune or school; private options with local businesses just some of them.

If you are thinking of organised activities for Spring, starting now or after the Easter break, now’s the time to start your researc & enrolments.  Many activities are posted on the website or in the Know-it-All Guidebook.  You’ll also see advertisements in Croque-Loisirs (pick up a free copy at Signy Center) and other publications.  And of course here on this blog you’ll find information too.

Below please find one post about football for kids, held Saturday mornings in Founex.  Easy to access and with a longer time slot, means it is a great option for parents who have Saturday errands or other children to entertain.  And of course the kids at football are happy and active too.



Village Camps – Summer for Kids

Village Camps logo small   It’s hard to believe that the February holidays are over and that it’s now time to start thinking about Spring and Summer.   But it is.   What is out there for our kids this Spring and Summer?

One organisation that has been around for awhile and has been recommended to me by many parents that have crossed my path is Village Camps.   This is why I have accepted Village Camps as a sponsor and why I am writing this blog: to let you know about this year’s offerings.  I spoke to Alexandre about Village Camps earlier this year.


IMG_2157So, what is Village Camps?

Village Camps is provider of fantastic summer camp experiences and has done so for more than 40 years.  The team is dedicated to these experiences and hopes to make each child’s summer better than the last!


Does Village Camps have a philosophy?

The Village Camps motto “Education Through Recreation” is a perfect way to describe our philosophy/ We recognize the importance of having fun while learning in order to optimize the learning experience.


Based in Switzerland you have camps here of course, can kids also go abroad?

There are international residential camps in Switzerland, England, France, Austria, Cyprus, USA and Canada, and international day camps in both Switzerland and Singapore.  We have garnered a vast amount of experience and a good reputation and have been around since 1972. We have and continue to uphold a very high standard for all of our programmes and staff, creating a perfect environment for youngsters to spend their summer whilst having fun, making memories, growing and learning with peers from around the world.


HPIM8081What camps do you have that are local to the expatparent readership?

Our Summer Village Day Camp™ in Coppet is local to you.  The Camp takes place at the College de Terre Sainte in Coppet and provides a wonderful environment for 4-14 year olds to participate in a wide range of sports & activities, expand their skill base, grow socially through new friendships, increase their self-confidence and improve their French or English.

The Day Camp Starts 7th July and runs to 15 August 2014.

There are also residential places, these open 15 June (in Switzerland) and 29 June 29 (in all other locations) 2014 and are open until 09 August 2014.