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BébéBizvFLast year, mompreneur Delphine Stent Torriani got her location, paperwork, and staffing together and was able to open up a new daycare, or crèche, in Mies.

Her goal was to open a facility that could cater to both the Swiss and international communities in the Geneva>La Côte region.  So as to have the experience and expertise of an established business, she opened it as part of the Bébébiz’ SA group, which operates fifteen separate daycare centers in France.  The first in Geneva, Bebebiz’ Mies is located in a newly converted, bright and airy space, measuring 500m2, conveniently located on Route de Suisse just outside Versoix, a short drive or train journey from Geneva and also close to Coppet and other towns in Vaud — an all-around convenient location for parents commuting into Geneva.

The creche has been open for just over a year now, having celebrated its first anniversary at the end if April.  Inside the facilities feature large hand-painted murals with inspirational themes, themes which were chosen specifically to awaken the creativity of the children.  The space can accept up to fourty-four babies, toddlers and preschoolers: 24 babies & toddlers (4 months to 2 1/2 years), and 20 more between 2 1/2 – 5 (up to the start of primary school).

Delphine has this to say about Bebebiz:

”At Bébébiz we recognize that no two children are the same. We offer a personalized service that matches the rhythm of the individual baby/child. Within a broad framework of activities, that includes free play as well as communal games,  meals and naps are scheduled to fit in with individual needs.  We are also able to easily accommodate breastfeeding mothers.

“Our highly trained staff have the experience to recognize the key signs for each child, and respond accordingly to their specific requirements. We also have a purpose-built room, dedicated to siestas, so when the children are ready for their naps, they can be sure of having the right space for a good sleep.”

With the working hours of many parents in Geneva and Vaud, Bébébiz has also decided to take a flexible approach to timings and offers five different drop-off/pick-up options, which can be adapted to each family’s personal requirements. Full-time working parents, for instance, have the option of leaving their child for a whole day between the hours of 7h00 and 18h30, whilst parents needing only part-time options can leave their child(ren) for the morning with lunch, morning with lunch and nap, afternoon with nap, or afternoon only.

LGH_logo_NEWAlso in Vaud, with locations in Gland and Tolochenaz (near Morges) there is the Little Green House.  LGH operates in English, German and French so also caters to both the Swiss and the International communities.  As “green” suggests, outdoor play is a huge part of the LGH concept, in fact after its trilingualism “Nature & Health” and “Flexibility” are its guiding principles.  In addition to being open from 7:00-18:30, they also offer extended care services until 21:00 and for those families where both parents travel for work, and must travel at the same time, overnight care is a service that is being considered.


The fundamental principles of LGH are

  • Respect for one another;
  • Make sure to take time to exchange information, clarify conflicts or define common goals;
  • Group motivation!

These two daycare options both come highly recommended by Parents Club Members, so if you are looking for an out-of-home option for your young children, these two are worth checking out.  Contact Delphine and her team in Mies or Barbara and team in Gland/Tolochenaz to arrange a visit and to discuss your situation.


Not sure about daycare and prefer in-home help?  Try Rockmybaby Childcare to discuss in-home options.   And remember to read our blogs on childcare options to help you figure out which type of childcare is best for your family.

Keep on Moving

Image courtesy of Vlado /

Image courtesy of Vlado /

I was reflecting on my next blog so was rather surprised and delighted when an owner of a bike shop in Rolle gave me the theme without even knowing it! I had taken it upon myself to renovate my eldest’s daughter’s bike from blue to bright pink, for her younger sister. All went well with the renovation (the spray paint on the wheels being part of the planned look of course!) aside from I couldn’t get the seat down.

So, I took the bike and children into the bike shop in Rolle and the owner couldn’t have been more helpful – fixed the seat to the right height, fixed the bell, adjusted the brakes, all for next to nothing. In fact, he then threw in some teaching to my 5 year old, as she tried to ride the bike in the shop: “riding a bike is like life, you have to keep moving…” Little did he know that his advice also gave me the inspiration for this blog.

So, what does ‘movement in life’ look like? Many of you who read this may have physically moved by relocating here to Switzerland – is that movement enough? You’ll know the answer when you stop and ask yourself the question. Do a mind and body scan, what does it tell you?

Ask yourself:
“Do I feel very much ‘alive and moving’ or do I have a feeling of being ‘stuck’, sluggish even; watching life go by from the side-lines?” Maybe, in those rare moments of contemplation, you ask yourself, “who am I, what’s next for me?”

What gives one a feeling of movement? Typically it needs some essential ingredients:

  • Doing something that challenges &/or scares you: this could be anything from overcoming shyness by going to a group meeting that you have been wanting to but keep finding a excuse not to go; or finally committing to a sports/fitness challenge
  • Completing a goal you set yourself: how many of you are still working towards goals/commitments you made in the New Year? Completing a goal gives you a great sense of empowerment. If the original goal was too big, what can you commit to? Taking one small step and completing it will give you the motivation and confidence to take the next step, then the next, then the next…..
  • Learning so you feel like you are growing and are stimulated: this can take many forms, whether that is reading new material or signing up for a course. There are lots of free courses on this on-line site and one of them must grab your attention! Notice what you are drawn to as it will remind you of forgotten interests/passions:
  • Discovering &/or reconnecting to a new hobby/passion: not only does this help you become engaged in something that is meaningful for you, you may also meet other like-minded people and build your social network
  • Feeling a sense of pride in yourself and achievement: when did you last feel that sense of achievement about something meaningful to you? Remember the feeling it gave you, how you felt about yourself and how you looked at life.
  • Sharing with others/a sense of belonging: what would you be doing in your own home country to create a sense of belonging?

To keep with the analogy “riding a bike is like life, you have to keep moving”.. do you feel like your bike has been gathering dust? Pick one of the above ingredients and do what you probably tell your children to do frequently: “Just try it”



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