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Intersoccer – Spring Saturdays

Spring is here, so it’s time to think about getting outdoors.  Staying physically active is good for both parents and children, and is part of an active, healthy, lifestyle.  Whether you are just playing outside in the garden or at a park or taking part in organised activities, showing your kids the importance of sport is one thing that you can do to raise a happy, healthy, child.

Here in Switzerland, we have a lot of options.   Casual hikes through vineyards or mountain trails; a swim in the lake or pool; activities with the commune or school; private options with local businesses just some of them.

If you are thinking of organised activities for Spring, starting now or after the Easter break, now’s the time to start your researc & enrolments.  Many activities are posted on the website or in the Know-it-All Guidebook.  You’ll also see advertisements in Croque-Loisirs (pick up a free copy at Signy Center) and other publications.  And of course here on this blog you’ll find information too.

Below please find one post about football for kids, held Saturday mornings in Founex.  Easy to access and with a longer time slot, means it is a great option for parents who have Saturday errands or other children to entertain.  And of course the kids at football are happy and active too.



Sportsblog: Injury Prevention


Photo Source: BASI Pilates South Africa

Today’s blog is a bit different from those you’ve seen before.   It’s a contribution from a pilates instructor and mother, Johdi Woodford, with information for parents about staying injury free, which is important when you are running after active children!  So, how can you stay on your feet?  And injury-free?  Let’s talk to Johdi to find out.

Tell us Johdi, what is pilates?

Pilates is low-impact fitness routine which is currently enjoying enormous popularity worldwide.  The movements in pilates:

  • do not cause excessive strain to the joints,
  • help strengthen the spine,
  • help flatten the tummy,
  • help develop the core muscles,
  • help improve posture,
  • help to de-stress and aid well-being,

In fact, it’s ideal as part of a cross training exercise approach.


It does sound ideal!  But, how does it work to protect and prevent injury?

There are many reasons pilates helps!

  • Pilates has a strong focus on the core muscles but doesn’t neglect the rest of the body either: you work from the soles of your feet to your fingertips!
  • Nearly all movements initiate from the core and better core strength enables greater control and balance of movement, as well as better posture, so your joints stay in line and continue to work optimally.
  • The movements performed, as well as the breathing pattern developed in a typical Pilates session, also help increase strength/stability and flexibility which leads to improved performance and stamina.
  • The flexibility of the Pilates system makes for a powerful re-balancing system, which means all your muscle groups have to work together to perform the movements correctly. This means your weak spots are gradually strengthened, you stop compensating, and you move more efficiently and effectively.
  • There are a great many different movements available in the Pilates system, as well as varying equipment aids available, such as balls, rollers, elastics and weights, which means the exercise routine can accommodate participants with very different physical conditions.

Can you find Pilates classes in English in the La Côte region?

There are many instructors and classes in the region.  At Little Bird Pilates in Gland, we run classes in a range of levels, suitable for everyone.  We have classes on Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 19:00, which is a good time for working professionals (stop in on the way home) or for stay-at-home parents, who can head out for a class after their partner is home from work.   We also have classes during the day on Thursdays at both 09:00 and 12:15.  We even have postnatal pilates!

A lot of parents and professionals are hesitant about sports classes, especially in the evenings, as there are huge participant numbers.  Just look through the windows at the gyms and you see masses of people!  Is that also the case with your classes?

Our classes are small, limited to nine participants, and led by a certified Pilates matwork instructor.  The small group setting ensures individual attention so you are never left stuck with a movement that is not right for you, and that way, you get the most benefit from each class.

Where can we learn more about your classes?

Feel free to call me on 078 708 3938, email, or go to