Know-it-All Passport 2015-2016

KIAP_TOCThe new edition of the Know-it-All passport, a handbook to English-Speaking Geneva, Vaud and Neighbouring France, has finally hit the shelves.  Now in its 9th iteration, the KIAP has been around now for over a decade (I personally have four copies from my 6 year stay in Switzerland, the 66h, 7th, 8th and now 9th editions) and provides chapter-by-chapter recommendations for new arrivals and veteran residents.

This year, chapters include (see image insert):

  • Your Home
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Leisure
  • Education, Courses and Work
  • Family
  • Shopping
  • Information

So why not buy a copy to put right next to your computer or in the car?

Instead of Googling or facebooking your question, just pick up the book and check the Table of Contents or the 15 page Index!  You might just find a recommendation from a fellow expatriate or from a Swiss citizen, without having to type out your question and wait for a reply.

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