Educationblog: School Supplies 3

school days of the week sampleIt’s that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL!  I posted the last few years with information on what parents need for their children who are just starting out in 1P/2P or 3P, this year I post the list for 4P!

So, here is the list of what children in Nyon generally need (this list changes a bit from school to school and district to district, but is mostly accurate for Vaud):

  • Gym Bag with:
    • Indoor unmarking gym shoes (paire de chaussures pour l’interieur)
    • T-Shirt & Shorts ( tenue de gymnastique : t-shirt et short ou bas de training)
  • Pool Bag with:
    • Swimsuit (maillot de bain)
    • Towel (linge)
    • Bathing Cap (for kids with long hair) (bonnet de bain)
  • School Bag with:
    • A pen (for those who were given a pen at the end of 3P) (la plume)
    • Pencil and eraser (un crayon gris et une gomme)
    • Markers (stylos feutres)
    • Glue Stick (stick de colle)
    • Indoor Shoes (des pantoufles)
    • Apron or Smock (un tablier)

The remaining supplies are offered by the school district.   It is not mandatory to cover the agenda and other booklets that are provided, but it is advised.



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