CharityBlog: 2x Christmas

© 2 x Weihnachten

© 2 x Weihnachten

Christmas Eve and Day celebrations are now behind us, though many of us are still waiting for other seasonal festivities:  New Year’s Eve, Saint Berchtold’s Day, Orthodox Christmas, etc., etc.   It is a season for family and friends, but is also often a season of indulgence and excess : food, wine, gifts, sales, and more!

Unfortunately, not everyone has family, friends and festivities at this time of year.  And that’s why SwissPost, the Swiss Red Cross and SRG/SSR sponsor the “2 x Christmas” campaign: to enable those living with a lot to share a bit of this excess with those who live on just a little.

There are two ways to participate:

  • Buy a pre-made package online  (in 20, 50, 100chf or other denominations, packages include necessities such as flour, sugar, spaghetti, rice, coffee, cookies, dried fruits, shower gel, toothpaste, pencil crayons & paper, etc.)
  • Make your own and drop it off at any SwissPost outlet near you

Once at the post office, SwissPost will deliver the parel free of charge to the Swiss Red Cross, whose staff and volunteers will sort and distribute the parcels.  Half of the goods are delivered in Switzerland, the other half is distributed to Red Cross outlets in Eastern Europe.

This year marks the 17th edition of 2x Christmas.   It started on 24 December and runs until Saturday, 11 January 2014.


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