Babyblog: More creche spots in Coppet

Les CoppalinesLa Cote Newspaper revealed yesterday that the Conseil Communal de Coppet approved the request for 1,6 million francs financing to renovate and enlarge Les Coppalines creche in Coppet.  Such renovations and improvements will allow the creche to accept an additional 42 infants and toddlers,  up from 66 currently, for a total of 108 places.

Construction work will include the addition of a professional kitchen, storage facilities, the demolition of the current lift system in order to be replaced with an elevator,  the addition of wash and toiletting facilities on the main floorm as well as the addition of a second floor and an expanded outdoor play space.   Financing will also allow the creche to refurbish and add additional furniture to the space, which will increase from 680m2 to 935m2.

It’s unclear when construction work will start, but families in Coppet will be relieved to hear about this extra space.



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