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Kids Area Closed

Every travel season, I update this blog with useful tips & tricks for travelling with kids.   We’ve just come out of two-week holiday season, at least in Vaud, where some families travelled, so this is coming a bit late, but it’s just been brought to my attention… and it’s bad news for those who are flying from Geneva with babies, toddlers or preschoolers:   the upstairs children’s area is closed for refurbishment! 


Kids Area Closed

I tried calling the phone number listed on the Geneva Airport website to find out more, but the number is out of service.  There is also no note on the GVA website listing this closure.   Which is surprising, Geneva Airport is usually quite on top of things, customer service-wise.


In any event, what we do know: the windows are covered and a sign on the door reads (thanks to Catie Friend from Verbier Mums):


Nursery Under Refurbishment
The Nursery will not be available :
From 23.09.2013 to 11.11.2013
From 28.10.2013 au 15.11.2013
Temporary Opening
From 12:10.2013-27.10.2013

So it looks like there is no playroom until at least mid-November.   Perhaps longer if consider how long refurbishments often take.  Don’t despair though,  the play area between gates A5-A8 is still open.

Kids Area Section A

Kids Area Section A

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