Education Blog: International Schools Show

ISS Geneva VIP Invitationexpatparent believes in presenting opportunities to families so they can make the best choices for their families and their children, and so we have discussed many things on this blog when it relates to education: private schooling, public schooling, homeschooling.

Boarding school is yet another option, which is why we are now informing you of this opportunity.  For the past few years, a team of education specialists and event organisers have put together a two-day show in Geneva, dubbed the Independent  Schools Show, to enable parents and students to meet representatives from large educational institutions in the United Kingdom.

This year it will once again be held at the Kempinski on Saturday & Sunday, 21-22 September 2013.  RSVPs are mandatory, so if you are considering boarding school for your child, RSVP to the address on the poster (right).


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