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Cahiers – Canton de Vaud

Last year I blogged about what children need the first year they start public school in Vaud (that is kids who are age 4/5 and are starting in enfantine, now known as première primaire).  It’s now a few days into La Rentrée 2013, so I am able to blog about what children need when the move up to “real school” (with homework!), that is troisième primaire Harmos (formerly première primaire!).   Children who are 6/7 and go to school four full days and one half day in Vaud usually require (each school has slight variations):

  • Indoor closed-toe shoes/sandals (paire de pantoufles fermees)
  • Stick of Glue (Baton/Stick de Colle)
  • Markers (Stylos Feutres/ Boite de stylos de couleurs)
  • Long-sleeved Smock/Bib/Apron (Tablier)
  • Gym bag with change of clothes and indoor non-marking sports shoes (Sac de gym habits de sport et des chaussures pour l’intérieur a semelles claires / Vetements de rechange et baskets)
  • Swimming bag with swimsuit & towel – and for kids with long hair a hair tie and/or swimming cap (sac de piscine – maillots de bain, linge, élastique pour les cheveux longs, bonnet)
  • Backpack/Rucksack that can hold B4-sized documents/notebooks (preferably with a separate “snack bag” for morning snack)

Students may receive the following items from the school:

  • A5 An agenda booklet — that you have to read every day after school (agenda de l’elève)
  • A5 Math Notebook (Cahier de Math)
  • A5 Exercise Notebook (Cahier d’exercises)
  • A4 Writing Notebook (Cahier d’écriture)
  • Notebook for songs & poems (Cahier de chants et poesies)
  • Environmental Knowledge Notebook (CE -Connaissance de l’environnement)

These notebooks should preferably be covered and labelled (fourrés et étiquettes) as by the end of the year they fall apart otherwise (though a letter did go out this year to all parents, from the canton, to say this was no longer obligatory).

Did I miss anything?  Do you have an older child?  Want to contribute a blog about what kids need as they grow up?

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