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It is a special experience to share a book with your child, especially one you remember sharing with your own parents when you were young.  Often the old classics really are the best! Many of these classics, such as ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Treasure Island’ or ‘The Secret Garden’ are in the public domain.  This means that you can read or listen to them for free. Yes, that’s right … free children’s talking books!

My children and I love listening to children’s audio books. We listen to them in the car, when we travel, at meal times (when I can’t get them to sit still any other way), before bed or when we just need some quiet time during the day.

I have previously written about some of our favourite audiobooks. Recently, however, we have started to listen to a number of the older classics, and we have benefited from being able to download these for free.

Librivox offers free children’s talking books from the public domain in the USA, generally meaning the book was published before 1923.  Readings are recorded by volunteers and can be downloaded for free. They have recordings of most of the classics. You can browse the Children’s section of Books Should Be Free, which draws on these Librivox recordings and other public domain sources to deliver free audio books and e-books.

You can also access free children’s talking books via the Free Audiobook iPhone App so that you can download your favourite stories while on the go.

To read this original blog post, which includes a list of our favourite children’s talking books, please visit my children’s books & reading website.   On the list you’ll find a link to the webpage(s) where you can download the audio recording or e-book.  I’ve divided the list into two sections – those for younger listeners over five-years-old and those for older listeners over eight-years-old.


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Originally published on Children’s Books & Reading July 2013

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