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school-supplies-logoIn the next few weeks and over the summer, retail chains in Switzerland will start putting out school supplies.  Parents who have no experience of the Swiss school system often wonder, “what do I need from this panoply of supplies?”  and “when will I get the school supplies list?”

For those of you who do in fact wonder and for those who hope to get things ahead of time, or just “want to know”, this blog is for you.  It’s a blog to inform parents, specifically those who have children who are JUST starting out this year (i.e. in Grade 1/Enfantine), an idea of what the kids might need.   And we’re doing the blog now because though the school supplies are shortly to appear, the actual school supplies list does not appear for awhile yet.  Actually, don’t expect to receive the list until the first week of school.

So to satisfy parents’ curiosity and to enable parents to save a bit of money buying in advance or buying abroad, here’s what to expect (note there are regional variations but this is the basic list for children starting school this year) :

  • Pantoufles d’interieur (inside shoes/slippers)
  • Un tablier a manches longues (long-sleeved apron/bib)
  • Un tube de colle en baton (Stick Glue)
  • Une boite de crayon de couleur (box of pencil crayons)
  • Une boite de stylo feutre (box of coloured markers)
  • Une boite de mouchoir en papier (box of tissues)
  • Une paire de pantoufles de rythmique (gym/dance slippers)
  • Des habits de gymnastique dans un sac a suspendre (gym clothes in a gym sack)

All items need to be clearly labelled with your child’s given name.

Watch this space for a blog about what children might need as they move up into higher grades and start having, gasp, homework!

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