SwissBlog: Migros Twistymania

TradeMigrosTwistyLausanneIf you have a child between the ages of 3-12, you’ve probably spent a lot of extra money the last few weeks picking up spinning tops, or toupies at Migros.   This quarter’s promotion is Twistymania and the kids are indeed manic for these multi-coloured tops.



TradeMigrosTwistyGVAIf your child is still on the hunt for a few tops, and he hasn’t found them by trading with classmates, there are official trading days scheduled across Switzerland.   Only three days are given for Geneva & Lausanne and none for us in the area in between, but if you are desperate, trading starts Wednesday, 8 May in Crissier.  The trading moves on to Balexert and MParc the following two Wednesdays.



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