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dads4doulasParties where you don’t know anyone can be a pain. Conversation is usually strained and polite. Invariably it drags on into the topic of kids: what do your daughters do? My answer usually leads to this:

“A doula?! What the heck is a doula?” Then I have to explain, usually in the simplest party terms.

“She’s like a pregnancy, birthing, and post-natal coach and supporter,” I reply.

“A doula, you say. Never heard of it. How do you spell that?”

Imagine my surprise then, when I was at a party where everyone knew what a doula was!

“A doula. Great!”

The three youngest couples at the party had all used doulas. One of the young dads added, “We love doulas.”

Another chimed in, “We’re gonna hire one for our next kid. Ours was fantastic, really helpful. We wouldn’t be without one.”

After a lull, the first dad said, “Yeah, we should start a club: Dads for Doulas. Doulas aren’t just for moms. Ours helped me a lot.”

That made me think back to the birth of our older daughter, now a doula.  We were in a strange city, thousands of miles from family and friends. We went to all the birthing classes, but there were many times when we felt totally inadequate. We could have used a doula.

Probably more than my wife, I could have used the help and support of a doula.

Dads for Doulas. Yeah, what a great idea!


Quotes from expatdads:

It changed a rather horrifying ordeal into a difficult but immensely rewarding experience.  It’s probably the finest service anyone has ever provided me.


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