TaxBlog: Garbage/Rubbish Bag tax

garbageAs of 1 January 2013, the La Loi cantonale sur la Gestion des Déchets (LGD) will come into force, which means that residents in Vaud will have to buy specific garbage/rubbish bags.  Black and clear bags will no longer be accepted.  Not only this, the different organisations that are responsible for garbage/rubbish collection will be more strict about what items can be thrown away.  Only non-recyclable items are allowed.  The list of allowed items includes:

  • Milk and Juice Cartons (i.e. laminated cardboard / TetraPac);
  • Empty plastic bottles of vinegar or oil;
  • Plastic packaging and small plastic objects (such as non-recyclable plastic packaging for meat, vegetables, etc.);
  • Soiled paper and carton (e.g. tissues, kitchen paper, napkins);
  • Personal hygiene products (e.g. disposable diapers/nappies, feminine napkins, tampons, Q-tips, wipes, etc..);
  • Dirty or Unusable textiles;
  • Vacuum bags;
  • Detergent packaging;
  • Composite waste (e.g. miscellaneous packaging, packaging made of various materials, packaging and waste from chips/crisps and candy, etc..); and
  • Small broken crockery, glass, mirror, filament lightbulbs, etc..

All other items should be separated and brought to your local recycling points (déchetterie, etc.), to your local store that has recycling points, or left out on specific recycling days (the latter not observed by all communes/towns).

This is not a big change for some Vaud residents, whose communes have had a bag tax in place for some time, but this is new for many other towns and cities across Vaud, specifically Nyon.

For more information about the new tax, visit or call 0800 804 806.


A roll of 35L bags costs 20CHFA roll of 100L bags costs 100CHF

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