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ExpatBlog: Integration into Western CH

On Tuesday night, 20 November 2012, at the Caves du Chateau de Coppet, a round table discussion will be held with the theme Modalités et exemples d’intégration en Suisse romande (Ways and Examples of Integration in Western Switzerland).

Representatives from the public services departments from the cities of Nyon, Renens, Vernier and Vevey will be in attendance.  The discussion will be moderated by Madame Amina Benkais, head of the Vaud Cantonal Office for Integration and Prevention of Racism.

Entrance is free.

WinterBlog: Ice Skating

It’s skating season!   Our children will be happy to learn that local outdoor ice rinks across Geneva and Vaud have now started to open.

In the La Côte area, Wednesday, 14 November 2012, marked the opening of the Outdoor Ice Rink in Nyon.  On 17 November, the ice rink within the grounds of the Chateau de Coppet will also welcome skaters, on 23 November Gland’s rink opens up, and two weeks from now, on 1 December, the Versoix outdoor rink will open its doors.

Further afield in Lausanne, the Ice Rinks of Montchoisi and Pontaise have been open since the end of October and the Patinoire du Flon opens on 1 December 2012.

In Geneva, the rink at Bastions will open at the end of November, as will the public outdoor rink in Carouge.  The rink at Charmilles (Patinoire de l’Europe) already opened at the end of October.  There is also an outdoor rink in Grand Saconnex.

If skating is not your thing, from 30 November until the end of February, La-Praille in Carouge will open sled runs (pistes de luge) on the second floor.  1-2 person sleds/sledges are available and free to borrow on site.