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So, you’ve arrived in Switzerland, you are a parent, and you’ve stumbled upon this website and have joined the community (you have, right?).  Great!  Hopefully this also means you’ve already met some other mothers and fathers who are living near you, have children who are the same age, or, wait for it, have a similar background or interests.

But, what if you are expecting a baby or have a newborn at home, or what if you are trying to get pregnant?  What about twins?  Surrogacy?  What resources are out there for you, in English?

Moms-in-Vaud was created as a community for parent-to-parent sharing and peer-support, but occasionally you need professional information and advice to answer questions that are specific to the childbearing years. Questions such as:

  • What type of maternity care is available in Western Switzerland?  How is it the same or different from home?
  • What is covered by private insurance and what is extra?
  • Are there antenatal classes in English where I can learn about pregnancy, labour & birth?
  • What about once baby is here, can I turn to anyone for support? 
  • What about English-speaking obstetricians?  Midwives?  Do they exist?
  • What about Doulas?  And, what *IS* a doula anyway? Surely I don’t need one if I’ve never heard the term before, or do I?

Do you want answers to these questions?  Expat Doula Switzerland offers consultations and needs assessments.  And regularly hosts events & workshops, including a Coffee Morning called Bumps & Babies which is currently held on the last Friday morning of the month.  This is a time where you can meet other mothers, but also ask questions of Doula Michelle and sometimes other doulas, midwives, and breastfeeding counsellors who are in attendance.  Participation is free, but mothers are asked to bring a small contribution in the form of fruit or pastries to go along with the coffee & tea.  Monetary donations to the coffee/tea fund also appreciated.

The next Bumps & Babies event is coming up on Friday, 29 June 2012, the last day before the end of the academic school year, and will resume in September.   Michelle will continue with consultations and the occasional outdoor event through the summer.

Want to learn more about Doulas & other perinatal specialists in Switzerland or set up a consultation? Visit our Consultations & Companionship page.


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