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Balance Motivational Blog – Contributed by Elaine at Balance Verbier, a MiV Supporter

What does your typical day involve? In a week, how many decisions do you make? How often do you switch to Plan B, C or D without even realising it?

Today, get a piece of paper and as a quick exercise note down as much as you can remember from your day or your week: organizing the house, work, children, partner, parents, friends, school, holidays, gym, meals, packed lunches, shopping, nights in, nights out…

When you recap on the ‘stuff’ that you’ve dealt with – do you recognise all the things that you’ve achieved? Just by doing them and not even thinking about it.

We learn and use our skills and strengths to establish routines that make our daily lives function and to make ourselves happy. We also cope with all sorts of things that deviate from the routines without a second thought. Our coping skills become so much a part of us that we regard them as ordinary. We don’t even notice them. You get up in the morning and trust yourself to deal with the day. You ‘just do it.’

But, when you start to recognise your skills and strengths, you can use them in every part of your life to make positive change, celebrate yourself and be happier. Your ordinary day makes you extraordinary. In the midst of all that ‘ordinariness’ is beautiful, lovely, precious YOU! Being unique. Thinking your amazing thoughts. Coping brilliantly.

About Balance Verbier:

Balance Verbier leadership and well-being coaching and courses help you to discover just how extraordinary you are and define a new blueprint for being happy. We believe women are change-makers wherever they are and whatever they do. So whether you’re a mum, housewife, career girl or all three and more, we help you to rediscover your strengths, achievements and sense of self.

Spend some time with us, in one-to-one or group sessions and you’ll develop new skills for living life positively and having fun – reinventing, growing and giving. We’ll help you to create memorable experiences that you can draw on again and again to transform your life and be who you want to be. Learn to celebrate who you are.

For more advice and help on your voyage of discovery find out more at  or call Elaine on 0041765673870 or email . We’d love to hear from you.

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