Yoga in Western Switzerland

Many parents have been asking me about family-friendly Yoga, which means different things to different parents.   Some are looking for classes during school/office hours, some are looking for places that offer on-site daycare, others are looking for evening classes, but not too late (but not too early either!), and even others are looking for Mom (or Dad) and child offerings!   The needs and requirements are diverse, but one thing parents have in common:  English!   It’s understandable, who can relax and breathe deeply if they are constantly having to listen for the next move in a foreign language?

For those of you in the Geneva > La Côte corridor, GATHER Yoga collective may be the answer.   To quote one of the founders “we are two American yoga teachers who wanted to take yoga out of the studio and into new arenas, as well as bring yoga teachers who might not have a ‘formal’ studio position and may need a little push from a couple of girls who are looking to share yoga with as many people as possible!”.

To learn more about GATHER, visit their website, facebook page, or twitter page.

Further afield in Lausanne, Alexandra MacDonald teaches Hatha Yoga, and concentrates mostly on prenatal and postnatal yoga.   To learn more about Alexandra’s classes, and Yoga in the Lausanne Area, visit’s Yoga pages.

More Yoga studios in the Geneva area are listed in the Know-it-all passport guide to Geneva, Vaud and Neighbouring France.

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