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Hi, my name is Michelle Walz and I am the expat parent behind this website.  As a hobby and passion, I offer put together this page to help parents, parents-to-be, and new arrivals to Switzerland.  In addition to my full-time work and parenting commitments, I try to offer consultations to expectant parents and newcomers to Switzerland. I also lead breastfeeding workshops for perinatal professionals. Take a look through my pages, below at the blogs, or use the search to browse through old topics.

It’s Winter?!

The mountains are topped with snow, the weather is cooler, Christmas decorations are out in the shops AND outdoor ice rinks are slowly opening.   Yup, we are transitioning from fall into winter (already!!).

Rinks to consider this fall and winter season:

Rinks in La Cote, Vaud:

Geneva Rinks:

Lausanne Rinks:

Further afield:


What’s On – 11-12 October 2014

This weekend in Western Switzerland, what is there to look forward to?

  • Holidays begin in Canton Vaud
  • Swiss Fantasy Show in Morges
  • 50e expo de Coss in Cossonay
  • “Enfance” exhibit at the Alex Forel museum in Morges
  • Brocante de Morges
  • Nyon Basketball vs. Meyrin
  • Nyon Rugby vs. Lugano
  • Titanic Exhbit starts at Palexpo
  • International Children’s Clothing and Toy Sale, Geneva


  • Morges Tourism is seeking volunteer tour guides.  Phone 079 691 2373